You Can Never Have Too Many Movies

When you love classic movies, you never run out of fodder to fuel your passion. Vintage films are just the tip of the iceberg. Every year, a whole new crop become classic. It is only a matter of time.  If you are a collector, it poses a bit of a storage problem in the long run. I am fast running out of space. While I loathe letting go of anything, there is a time to do a bit of pruning.

I thought about the space issue for a long time before finally getting my own personal shredder from It is a compact little machine that works wonders on all those outdated documents that have been lying around, like the huge volume of printouts of my inventory and detailed descriptions of each and every film on hand. After a few shredding sessions, my file cabinet is empty and ready to refill with the newer stuff. In fact, I have made room for a number of my more recent purchases. Disks are easy to store in even the smallest spaces. They don’t sit idly on a shelf gathering dust. I group them by category and date. I am very organized! Part of being a collector is to know how to label and access your items.

When my friends and family look at me askance, I always say that you can never have too many movies. They ask, “how can you view them all. It would take years.” Well, I say, “I have years.” I do watch quite a few every week; in fact, I am quite diligent about stoking my cinematic engine to keep it running. The more you watch, the more you know. You see films that build on others, and I have fun watching the borrowed lines and plots. On the other hand, some are so unique and priceless that they bear repeated viewing. If something is in my collection, it is by no means a dud.

Don’t worry. I have my inventory and all the stats archived. Now with the cloud, nothing can be lost. But, I no longer need to look at the hard copies. If I want to remind myself of the vitals of a film, it is all there in a digital file. Here are the vital statistics of any movie.

  • Name of film
  • Date
  • Director
  • Major actors
  • Setting and plot
  • Basic credits

Then, if I want a quick reminder, there it is at a glance. I used to love filing everything because it is part of the process; but now with the shredder waiting to be fed, I only keep material for a short time—a year or two. Sometimes, other collectors ask for my resources and I am happy to loan them the documents. I can send emails, of course, and I do; but my local friends are just as happy to get the printouts.