Power Tools and Powerful Speakers

If you are a movie buff like me, what could be better than a home theater complete with all the necessary accoutrements and a vast collection of classic films. Well, okay, maybe you miss the popcorn and the soda, but remember, you can always make it at home. I believe a customized entertainment center will more than make up for any lost experience in a darkened theater with people talking all around and chewing gum. I am here to tell you that making it yourself is more than rewarding. Good home theaters are mighty expensive, but with the right instructions and tools, you can fashion the perfect cabinets for your speakers. I had to do this recently as I bought new speakers. If you can’t find prefab ones, you can imitate me and rent or buy a router table from a nearby hardware store. Now it becomes a do-it-yourself job. If you haven’t heard of a router table, you should pass on this enterprise and let a pro come over and do it for you.

I am going to describe the features that you can find on the best router table, so you will learn something today from my blog. This table and tool combo is powerfully accurate. Buy a good brand like Craftsman and you can’t go wrong. The name is synonymous with quality woodworking. Depending upon the wood you use for your home theater cabinet, you will choose the right horsepower of the motor to make sure it can cut through easily. I like a good size router table than gives me a big, smooth working surface. I want clean, accurate work so the tool attachments are critical. You want adjustable cutting depths that can quickly give you what you need and lock it in. Some tools go to micro-fine levels. This product is the staple of any woodworking shop worthy of the name. You should get the table with router, a collet, wrench, fence, dust guard, two feather boards, a miter gauge, insert rings, hardware and a complete instruction manual. Read the reviews including the testimonials to be sure you are on the right track.

Meanwhile I made a divine cabinet of beautiful dark-stained wood. It is a cross between modern and traditional and opens by pressing the bottom corner. My edges are crisp and clean and the surface is pristine and unmarred. It looks pretty professional since this cabinet is not my first. I don’t take on jobs, however, as I am plenty busy. It is enough to create the perfect home entertainment center for myself. In fact, I have dedicated a spare room for it. I can invite friends over and share the latest movies that have been released. If you have to see it the minute it reaches the theater, you better be a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.