Portable Entertainment

I am one of those movie buffs who can’t go without my standard dose of daily entertainment. I am hooked. It isn’t the most typical form as this would surely be TV. I have a better alternative unless the right movie is on. It can happen. I practically have a schedule so I can spend at least a few hours at home at night in front of the home theater. I spent considerable time and funds getting it just right. I have a comfortable chair with a side table strategically placed for perfect viewing. Beside me is a beverage and a snack. My cell phone is turned off during this time so I can focus without any interruption. I pop in a DVD from the alphabetized collection. The shelves are full.

While I have the best quality equipment including state-of-the-art surround sound, I also watch movies occasionally in the theater or at a friend’s house. We all collect DVDs and you can bet that I have the most. If I am on vacation or traveling to work, I have assorted ways to tote my laptop, tablet, phone to stay updated on Facebook, and earbuds. Wherever I go, I am ready. A new business bag gets the pleasure of housing my portable entertainment gear. I never get bored during lunch or break time at work. If on a plane or a train, I have entertainment within easy reach. Forget paying for movies I’ve already seen. I can enjoy music for a change of pace. I have an account at iTunes and it gets used a lot.

I can carry my stuff in separate bags or all in one large tote. I have a roomy backpack for the gym or for weekends. I just must make sure that everything is well protected and arrives at my destination one piece. The bags are lined and have compartments for large items as well as smaller things like a wallet and keys. It takes a while for them to wear out, but if they do, they are immediately repaired or replaced. Nothing will fall on the ground by accident.

A variety of bags is suggested if you have the same amount of gear as I do or more. If not, get one sturdy multipurpose backpack. Some people only stuff in a tank and gym shorts and a lunch. If the laptop goes with you, be mindful of its particular needs – there are some great tips at https://www.businessbagreview.com/laptop-carrying-tips-new-business-bag/.

Don’t put it next to an open water bottle or can of soda. There is a usually a place for that. Also, keep it closed so it will fit better. Don’t shove it in as it will split the bag’s seams. I have learned to take good care of my bag. You don’t want it to go out of service in a short period of time. Buy a good one so this doesn’t happen. Know the reliability of various brands. I depend on testimonials to be sure.