My New Favorite Seat in the House

What is it about human touch that is so therapeutic? I am thinking about the wonders of a professional massage given by an experienced masseuse. My friend swears by it to cure every ailment. He particularly likes reflexology which is a kind of manipulation of parts of the foot to address each organ of the body. He gets a complete workover every month switching from Thai, Swedish, and Shiatsu massage to hot coals, Rolfing, and deep tissue. Reflexology is done at the end of each. He describes the procedure and benefits, and even shared this web page with me: He just about had me convinced until he told me the cost. Pampering doesn’t come cheap these days. I had to find another solution to deal with an aching back and sore feet. These things don’t just come with age. Everyone gets them.

Looking into the matter, I hit on a great solution for a onetime expense. I would replace one of my home theater chairs with a massage version. I wanted all the bells and whistles so that I would never regret going this route. I had to find a deluxe model that had foot pads along with the usual back and neck pulsations. If you have never enjoyed a massage chair, you are in for a surprise. You can adjust the type and degree of intensity. I swear that it feels like a real person is doing the work. Aah! There is nothing better than sitting in this chair, my new favorite seat in the house.

Now it is the new favorite seat of my friends and we jokingly fight over it when watching a movie, a frequent occurrence in my house. I have invested a lot in the best quality equipment so that everyone wants to come over. I love a good social life, and not just on Facebook. But that chair! It is now the focal point of my weekly movie night activity. Who knew? My friends laugh and say that I can enjoy it anytime, so why not let them have first priority on movie night. I must give in to this sound logic. The friend who loves his masseuse, however, is in complete disagreement. He feels that massage by masseuse is infinitely better. Now we have an on-going argument marring the peace.

The only way to decide on this issue is to have him spend an hour in my new chair. While he wasn’t that interested him, in the interest of the friendship he had a go at it. I showed him how to operate everything and insisted that he try all the settings. Once ensconced, he seemed to be enjoying the machine massage. “This is pretty good,” he muttered, hesitatingly. “I have to admit that this chair is the real thing—or almost. It’s good enough to be a close second.” I smiled since I had predicted this response. He isn’t going to quit his masseuse any time soon, but he agrees that for me, it is the right choice.