Movie Marathon

Movies are my life so it is no surprise that I run a virtual marathon of them from time to time at my house for special friends. I am not going to reveal that no women are allowed. The privileged few who are invited to attend accept with enthusiasm. They know that I have the best collection of action and sports films. This time it will be a Star Wars extravaganza. I have been buying them up for a while now. I am going all out with snacks and beer, cooling for months in the fridge. I got a few cases on sale and couldn’t resist, knowing that sooner or later it would be used on movie night. It took a little longer than expected.

Everyone piled into the man cave in my basement and found a strategic spot in front of the big flat screen. Most didn’t want to be positioned too far from the snacks so I put out additional bowls of peanuts and pretzels here and there so nobody would feel deprived. Did I say that I have an attention to detail? When it was sandwich time, a huge platter of varied kinds from roast beef to chicken salad was placed on the mini kitchen counter top next to the aforementioned fridge. Some guys started with sodas and soon graduated to brew. One independent sort went in search of beer on his own, opening the refrigerator door and scrounging around for his favorite brand. He mindlessly grabbed a bottle and popped the cap off before taking a big swig.

“This tastes funny,” he pronounced, but continued to drink. “How old is it?” I responded that it had been in there biding its time for a few months, but mentioned that beer has a shelf life of at least six months refrigerated or not. “It could be older,” but this information didn’t deter him. I assured him that he would not get sick or die a sudden gruesome death from bad hops, based on what I’d read here: I looked at the label myself and verified the expiration date. It was fine. Then I pointed out that the brand was a European, esoteric one I found on sale and my friend simply did not like the flavor despite its freshness. It took some convincing until I did a taste test with a few of the other guests. It was unanimous. The beer was not stale or tainted in any way. Nevertheless, I pulled out other brands on the spot. I drank the foreign one.

I will be more attentive to my beer purchasing from now on and eschew off brands. I like a good value and also experiment. It is fun to explore and stretch your beer palate. I think I will have another movie marathon soon that will include a beer tasting. I will start now collecting odds and ends in different stores. This will be a challenge for me and my friends.