Classic Sports Movies: Basketball

I go to the movies often, but I like to control the environment when I watch a great film. Thus, I have installed a stellar home entertainment center in my basement with compartments that house the flat screen giant TV, the stereo, receiver, etc. not to mention spaces for my vast movie collection. It is growing daily. People always know what to give me for holidays or my birthday. I have had to print out my inventory for everyone. It is sorted by subject and then alphabetically. The actual home center is a paradigm of organization. For example, the first group are “action” films followed by basketball and comedy.

Within basketball, you will find Basketball Diaries, Fast Break, Ballers Guide and Hoosiers. Be sure to put them on your “must see” list if you love the sport as I do. My collection has every genre and includes classics, spoofs, remakes, sequels, and more. It is probably light on romance and heavy on crime, horror, and documentaries. I have animation including anime. You could say that I am well rounded in my tastes. Because of the variety, I can invite the guys over for any kind of movie night and serve appropriate refreshments. I do it once a week so there is plenty of material for years to come. Come on over, watch, and have a snack. Yes, beer and pretzels for sports films. Women can come when I show tear jerkers and fantasy. They get cupcakes and tissues. Kids get candy and popcorn and often have to fight off the adults who want in.

Oddly enough, the friends I include for a movie like Hoosiers aren’t actual basketball players. You don’t have to participate on a team to appreciate all the right moves. The same goes for football, baseball, skiing and surfing. If you are a Kevin Costner fan, you get invited to Bull Durham or Field of Dreams. If you never tire of Dan Aykroyd, let’s watch for Celtic Pride. As for Nick Nolte, I have his great Blue Chips. Let’s not forget Love and Basketball, a personal favorite, starring Omar Epps. I could go on and on with movies like White Men Can’t Jump, Coach Carter, Space Jam (great for kids) and Above the Rim. How many have you seen? It would be all if you lived in my neighborhood. You would bring over Hoop Dreams or He Got Game. You would be in my inner circle for sure.

Let’s give a shout out for basketball as a movie genre and a major American sport. Anyone who has dribbled a ball gets hooked. The playoffs are exhilarating and uplifting, even for a casual fan. Fascination with the sport doesn’t stop here. Its appeal as you can easily see stretches into the world of movies. Its genre is a prominent one on the silver screen. Every kid pretends to be his favorite player as he shoots his feeble shots. In short, basketball in person or on celluloid is a world of magic and joy.