Almost Needed a Life Raft

I pride myself on a superior film collection. Most weekends you will find me in front of my home theater screen watching an old favorite. If you are lucky, you will get invited. I have great equipment and spent whatever was necessary to get quality parts. I researched everything carefully and sought the best prices. Everything is state of the art. A recent occurrence, however, put it all in jeopardy. Water is the enemy of wood and electronics. Don’t let any get near your valuable stuff. There is no remedy or instant solution I know of. The wood may warp or show stains while the equipment goes on the fritz. It is a nightmare situation so check your roof before the next storm. I know this for a fact after having a bit of a home flood for another reason. Rain was not the culprit.

The old water heater in the room adjacent to my home theater broke and leaked big time. I should have bought that tankless model I saw on Water Heater Watch. Because I didn’t, water seeped from its storage area and ran seriously close to my speakers since they are placed on the floor. I rushed to mop up the old-fashioned way. I joked with my friends on Twitter that I had almost needed a life raft. Fortunately, I had a large dry mop and bucket set in the garage. I had the foresight to buy some essential accident clean up supplies a few weeks ago. Take a tip from me and get this stuff. You never know when you will need it.

After ridding the floor of all traces of water, I went into quick action to save the day. I rented some large fans to dry the area more thoroughly and to dissipate any lingering residue. I kept them on for an entire day. Then I had the task of replacing anything that didn’t work. After doing a trial run with all my equipment, and a close-range inspection, I found only a bit of dry wood on the trim of my speakers. I didn’t need to buy new ones, only replace the trim. This wasn’t a major expense for which I was very grateful.

After the flood, if you can call it that (it was more “leakage”), I wanted to celebrate and so I invited some friends over for a new movie viewing. They all came loaded with cases of beer and a few bottles of chilled wine. I provided cheese, crackers, and assorted other snacks. I was indeed a happy camper. It could have been a lot worse. My friends know how I feel and offered appropriate remarks. “You lucked out, dude.” “Not a trace of water!” “Your quick thinking saved the day.” I got the message. I had just missed a major catastrophe. They had all loved the bit about the life raft when I called them, and one joker brought one over to make us smile.