A Dream of Mine

One day, I’d like to open a movie theater of my own. I think it would be about the best job ever. I would like to incorporate ideas from modern-day theaters, like digital film and surround sound, but also incorporate more of the old-school theatergoing experience. Basically, a throwback but with a modern day twist. All of the comforts of the newtheaters but with all the charm and interesting touches of a fancy, old-style theater.

While stadium seating is great because it allows more people to have good sightlines, I would like to do more.Make it more unique. More reminiscent of the good old days of theatergoing, when people would get dressed up to come watch the latest film from their favorite actors. I really love the idea of balcony seating. I think it might be good for parents of little kids or for people celebrating person events. I think some people who might be self-conscious about their need for things like closed captioning devices might enjoy the relative privacy of being in a balcony as well. I like the idea of a place where people can sit and feel special, even if it is for a few hours. You wouldn’t be disturbing anyone if your child likes to kick his feet out or if you want to go to the concession stand a few times.

I also really miss actual ushers. I am not talking about the people nowadays who pretty much just walk through the theater to make sure that nobody is illegally filming the movie. I am talking about employees in uniforms that would help you find an available seat. With the little hat and the flashlights. Those people. I think little touches like that can really make a movie feel like a magical experience, and that is the kind of thing I am looking for. Classy looking uniformed employees would be a great touch.

Obviously, my theater would show current films because that would definitely help get people through the doors. But I would also like to show classic movies like The Wizard of Oz or Gone With the Wind. Movies that good always look great on a big screen. I would pick a night of the week or a specific date once a month—depending on how popular this idea would be—and run a classic film. Maybe I would charge a ‘classic’ amount, too. Like a dollar a ticket and offer specific concessions for cheap prices. A quarter for a soda or something like that. If the idea became really successful, I might even hire some musicians to play the score live during the film. Anything to make it feel like an event, you know?

I really don’t have the money or the location to do something like that at this point in my life. But a guy can dream, can’t he? Until then, I can upgrade my home theater equipment until it sort of feels like I am in my own personal theater.